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Registration and Related Services

Approval of LLP: Get assistance in deciding the unique name for your LLP and approval of the same from MCA.
Filling of Incorporation forms: After name approval, we help you file the details of your proposed LLP with MCA. for incorporation.
Filling of LLP Agreement: LLP agreement is the main document of the LLP which provides base for every business activity conducted by the management and the partners.
DIN Application: It is mandatory to have Director Identification Number (DIN) for Designated Partners; allotted by MCA.
DSC Application: E-Forms are required to be signed digitally and DSC can be applied with self attested copies of your KYC.
Foreign LLP incorporation: Foreign LLP can be incorporated in India by giving details of the proposed LLP and proposed partners and details of at-least two authorized representatives for complying with regulation of LLP act.

Changes and Alterations in your LLP

Change of Name: The name of the existing LLP can be changed on the consent of the Majority Partners or as per the provisions of LLP Agreement, the intimation of which has to be given to MCA.
Change of Registered office: For changing registered office of the LLP, it is mandatory to file form with MCA with proofs of new address within 30 days of such change.
Admission of Partner: A new partner is admitted as per the conditions mentioned in the LLP Agreement and the same has to be intimated to MCA.
Removal of Partner: Removal of existing partners is dealt by LLP Agreement and the same has to be intimated to MCA.
Change in Contribution: The contribution of the partners can be altered the same has to be intimated to MCA by filing amended LLP Agreement with the details of changed contribution.
Conversion of LLP: An existing LLP can be converted to Private Limited Company or Unlisted Public Company or Partnership Firms.
Conversion to LLP: Get assistance in converting your Firm, Private Company or Unlisted Public Company to LLP.
Reconstruction of LLP: For any reconstruction of LLP an application has to be made with the Tribunal and Tribunal shall pass an order accordingly.
Transfer of Interest of Partner: Whole or part Interest of a partner in LLP can be assigned and/or transfer to another person.
Changes In Particulars of Partners LLP: Any change in name and address of partners is to be intimated to the LLP in form-6.

Compliance Requirements for LLP

Maintenance of books: Maintaining books of accounts is mandatory for the LLP for every financial year.
Filing statement of Account & Solvency (Form-8): A LLP has to report the Registrar about all its incomes and expenses made over a year in Form-8.
Annual Return Filing (Form-11): The annual return of the LLP has to be filed in Form-11 with the Registrar.
ITR Filing Of LLP/Partners: As LLP is a separate Legal entity it has to file its Income Tax return each year before 31st July and its partners has to file their individual returns separately.
Tax Audits: Only LLPs who fall under the prescribed limit are required to get tax audit done.
GST Returns: if the turnover of LLP exceeds Rs. 20 lakhs or deals in e-commerce or have inter-state supplies, it is mandatory to have GST registrations and file GST returns accordingly.

Additional Requirements

Closure of LLP: LLP can be wound-up voluntarily or by the order of Tribunal.
Striking off name of LLP: A LLP can apply for Strike-off if it has not conducted any business in past 3 financial years or by the Registrar if no returns has been filed for last 5 financial years.
Trademark Services: The logo of the LLP can be registered by filing an application for Trademark with the concerned authority.